The Guardian: How can sustainability leaders be successful?

"Our world is on a collision course with environmental realities and we're quickly running out of runway to take meaningful corrective action," writes Bruno Sarda in an article published in the Guardian's Sustainable Business section. Plenty of leaders have told us how to alleviate climate change, but yet we still go day by day making no change. So what do we need? Sarda says leadership.

Sarda, the director of Global Sustainability Operations at Dell and a consultant for the Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives, says true sustainability leaders can enact change if their plans are long-term; aligned with the strategy of a company or organization. Deliberate action will come from set goals co-administered by leaders and participants.

"Our world needs a 'shock and awe' campaign executed by highly trained sustainability warriors who can effectively lead change, set strategy and execute on goals, be awesome communicators and keep up with a rapidly evolving global context," writes Sarda.