AZ Central: Sustainability scientist says AZ can replace coal with solar

smoke stack pollution

In an AZ Central opinion article, Senior Sustainability Scientist and School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning professor Mike Pasqualetti reflects how the Navajo Generating Station is a larger symbol for our growing dislike of coal. The Navajo Generating Station, located near Page, has been a heated topic since its future has been up for discussion with tribal nations, energy providers, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Will it close or be retrofitted?

"Coal is also losing momentum nationally," writes Pasqualetti. "It dropped from 50 percent in 2005 to 35 percent in 2012, driven by cheap natural gas. Fifty-two gigawatts (about 16 percent of the existing coal fleet) has been announced for retirement by 2025."

If Arizona is to keep coal, the state has to find a way to severely cut emissions and compete with growing renewable and natural gas markets.