Biodiesel Magazine: Arizona State University student creates algae-inspired art

ASU School of Art student Phillip Carrier will spend two summer semesters as an artist-in-residence at the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AzCATI) creating a piece of work that combines science, technology, and art. Under the College of Technology and Innovation and the LightWorks initiative, AzCATI is a national testbed for algae research and development for biofuels, pharmaceuticals, and other biomass.

"Great minds, from scientists and researchers to philosophers and poets, must work together to create a cultural shift toward a sustainable existence," says Gary Dirks, director of LightWorks and  the Global Institute of Sustainability. "Artists like Philip tell stories that instruct us or stimulate us into thinking about what that future is going to look like."

Carrier will find inspiration at the many algae test beds on the Polytechnic campus. His completed artwork will be on display on the Polytechnic campus's Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 3.