ASU students provide sustainable solutions in K-12 schools

As part of  Arizona State University’s Sustainability Science for Sustainable Schools program, engineering graduate student Shawn Fink organized Mountain Pointe High School's Earth Day celebrations. He also partnered with the high school's teachers to create sustainability lesson plans and student projects.

The Sustainability Science for Sustainable Schools program, part of ASU's Global Institute of Sustainability, recently won the 2013 President's Award for Sustainability. Since the program's inception, ASU has partnered with more than ten local K-12 schools. Graduate students at ASU can learn how to interact with students, plan lessons, and gain real-world experience in teaching.

“High school students will face real, complex sustainability challenges in their lifetimes,” says Monica Elser, a principal investigator for the Sustainable Schools program. When students learn about sustainability in their classrooms and through real projects implemented in their schools, she says, “it helps them see how sustainability applies to them, and how they can make a difference in the future.”