ASU experts discuss Keystone XL Pipeline and national energy policy

Keystone XL Pipeline discussion

Experts from Arizona State University recently joined the national discussion about the 2,000-mile Keystone XL Pipeline, proposed to carry crude bitumen from Canadian tar sands to oil refineries on the U.S. gulf coast.

The national dialogue is often contentious. Opponents of the pipeline argue that the project would increase air and water pollution, affect conservation efforts, infringe on indigenous cultures, and stall America’s pursuit of clean energy. Proponents contend that a North American energy supply is more secure than oil coming from the Middle East.

The February 22 panel discussion at ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability was moderated by Carbon Nation Director Peter Byck, and featured former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister, ASU sustainability scientist Mike Pasqualetti, and visiting sustainability scientist Wally Broecker, considered by many to be the “grandfather of climate science.”

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