New directions in national energy policy: Skepticism about big initiatives

Clark Miller

In an EnergyBiz article, reporter Tom Armistead writes that even though the current administration is aware of climate change and claims it as a focus for future policy, the United States still doesn't have a clear-cut energy policy. What we do have is a mash-up of different policies that were developed for past political movements. Armistead writes the policies "promote both renewable energy and fossil fuels, without emphasis on either one or direction for the long term." What kind of energy future will America have?

Some experts say the market should dictate what type of energy sources should be developed. Others still think climate change is only a minor threat. However, 2012 brought many weather extremes, causing more people to reflect on the concept of "climate change."

In the article, Senior Sustainability Scientist Clark Miller says current energy policy is "working to increase energy supply, but also is raising public concerns about what it would mean to increase North American energy production and increasing concern about climate change."

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