Embracing diversity and fostering access to science for all

Tirupalavanam Ganesh

In an ASU News op-ed piece, Sustainability Scientist Tirupalavanam Ganesh reflects on education and career access for women in the hard sciences amidst the 40th anniversary of Title IX. During November 5-9, ASU participating in Title IX Week, a celebration and examination of the landmark piece of legislation that paved the way for equal opportunities in education and sports for women and girls. Ganesh writes:

"Why do we have so few women in our nation’s 'hard' sciences – physics and chemistry and engineering degree programs?

Reflecting on this question in 2012, at the 40th anniversary of Title IX, helps me appreciate the function social structures, families, role models and mentors play to ensure that females have opportunities to explore and pursue education and career pathways in science. Women scientists, mathematicians, and engineers are needed to enhance our research and development enterprises. Their creativity and perspectives will only enrich the design and development of technological innovations that improve the quality of our lives in this global economy."

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