Be ghastly green this Halloween

sustainable halloween

Finally, the air has a bite to it, you can do homework outside, and the occasional breeze lets you know fall is here. And soon, the first holiday of the season: Halloween.

Halloween by definition is a one-time use kind of holiday, with revelers rarely reusing (woah, that’s a lot of R’s, almost like reduce, reuse, and recycle) their past costumes and decorations. Not to mention, leftover candy—but that would be gross. And normally when you think of Halloween, you don’t say “Hey, I think I am going to donate money to save big cats instead of buying a new costume” or “Where can I get a locally-grown pumpkin?” But we know you guys are wondering that!

So, we’ve scoured the internet and attempted to bring everything sustainable to you, for your Halloween pleasure. Check out the links below to get inspired to do some good while partying hard as Captain Planet or Rachel Carson.

National Geographic’s Coins for Cats

Nat Geo WILD is enlisting trick-or-treaters of all ages to protect big cats from extinction by collecting money this Halloween. The money will be given to NG’s Big Cats Initiative. Visit and click on the “Trick-or-Treat” link to participate.

Huffington Post’s Guide to Greening Your Halloween

This post wouldn’t be complete without good ol’ HG. Within the guide: a special Trick-or-Treat version of the ubiquitous FEED bag, non-toxic Halloween make-up, organic silk costumes, and organic candy options.

Your Costume Go-Tos

Stumped on what to be? Nothing is more college-student-on-a-budget than going to Savers, Buffalo Exchange, or Plato’s Closet to pick up crazy, recycled fashions. Create your own unique costume by combining themes, ideas, and current trends. But remember, nothing is more sustainable than using what you already have in your closet!

Ethical and Sustainable Candy

Want to foster good health? Instill ethics in today’s youth? Then look no further than the top four companies making sustainable candy options, according to Greenopia. Nix the Butterfinger and pass out endangered species-themed chocolate bars.

Carve a Locally-Grown Pumpkin

Support a local business and a local farmer at one time by visiting your nearest Basha’s and purchasing a pumpkin (or two, three, or four) from the Coyote Canyon Farms in San Simon, AZ. Or try one of Arizona’s local farmers markets.

Did you have amazing luck this year piecing together a second-hand or recycled-content costume? Send us pictures for the blog!

By Natalie Muilenberg
Editor Assistant, Global Institute of Sustainability
[email protected]