Summer program involves high school students in urban ecology research

This summer, CAP Director Dan Childers and his Wetland Ecosystem Ecology Lab hosted three Phoenix  high school students and introduced them to urban ecological research in the field and in the laboratory. The focus of the students' research was work that Childers and his lab have initiated at the Tres Rios constructed wetlands in Phoenix. For information on this summer program, please see

During the 2012 spring semester, the three high school students worked with CAP scientist Kelli Larson and School of Sustainability Ph.D. student Erin Frisk on sustainability issues. The students made significant strides in introducing their peers to sustainability practices and principles.

The National Science Foundation funded this initiative through the Research Assistantships for High School Students (RAHSS) program, which brings students from underrepresented groups into universities to work with faculty and students on scientific research projects. CAP faculty interested in participating in the RAHSS program should contact Marcia Nation, CAP Project Manager.