SCN awarded President's Award for Sustainability

Sustainability is a balance of environmental, social and economic concerns. ASU staff and faculty are advancing sustainability by demonstrating exemplary practices, leading by example, and sharing solutions to catalyze change.

This award recognizes ASU teams that have demonstrated excellence in fostering the successful development, implementation, and promotion of sustainability principles, solutions, programs, and services in the teaching, learning, research and business missions of the University.

Sustainable Cities Network

The Sustainable Cities Network is designed to be a bridge between ASU’s research and technical capabilities in sustainability and the front-line challenges facing cities. Decisions made today regarding land use, transportation, water, economic development, and social services will have enormous long-term impacts on the future sustainability of our megapolitan region and our state.

To strengthen regional sustainability efforts, ASU’S Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS), in partnership with city, county and tribal leaders, established the Network, one of the first university/community-based sustainability programs in the country, which launched in February 2009.

The network is a vehicle for sharing knowledge and coordinating efforts to understand and solve problems. It is also a clearinghouse for best practices cities can apply to their unique problems and goals for environmental, social, and economic sustainability, and it is a vehicle for coordinating responses to regional issues.

Through the Sustainable Cities Network, partners work together to streamline green city operations, advance solar and renewable energy, mitigate urban heat island, design sustainable communities, and conserve water supplies in a changing climate. The Sustainable Cities Network is central to strengthening individual, community, and regional responses to environmental challenges through coordinated education, dialogue, and best practices implementation.

ASU Team Members
Anne Reichman, Global Institute of Sustainability
Meredith Simpson, Global Institute of Sustainability
Rob Melnick, Global Institute of Sustainability
Brenda Shears, Global Institute of Sustainability
Nalini Chhetri, Global Institute of Sustainability
Janet Holston, Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development
Gina Apsey, Global Institute of Sustainability

Community Partners
Bonnie Richardson, City of Tempe
Bob Goff, City of Chandler
Joetta "Jo" Miller, City of Glendale
Bill Pupo, City of EI Mirage
Patricia Gregan, City of EI Mirage
Scott Bouchie, City of Mesa
Lisa Estrada, City of Peoria
Carolyn Bristo, City of Phoenix
Tim Conner, City of Scottsdale
Jonce Walker, Maricopa County