IHDP: Social scientists call for more research on human dimensions of global change


Scientists across all disciplines share great concern that our planet is in the process of crossing dangerous biophysical tipping points. The results of a new large-scale global survey among 1,276 scholars from the social sciences and humanities demonstrate that the human dimensions of the problem are equally important but severely under-addressed.

The survey, conducted by the IHDP Secretariat (UNU-IHDP) in collaboration with UNESCO and the International Social Science Council (ISSC), identifies the following as highest priority research areas:

(1) equity/equality and wealth/resource distribution;

(2) policy, political systems/governance, and political economy;

(3) economic systems, economic costs and incentives;

(4) globalization, social and cultural transitions.

Over 80% call for additional funding and opportunities for such research. 90% of the survey respondents are in favor of an assessment of social sciences and humanities research findings applicable to global environmental change.

Visit the IHDP website to view the full survey.