New Undergrad/Grad Course Focuses on Long-Term Research

Dr. Dan Childers will hold a new, one credit hour, upper division undergraduate and graduate course this fall that focuses on long-term research in urban systems with a special emphasis on the Phoenix metropolitan area. Course details are listed below. Please note that enrollment is limited and undergraduate students need instructor permission to enroll. SoS 494/591 Long-Term Research in Urban Systems Instructor:  Daniel L. Childers, School of Sustainability Cross-listings:  SoLS 494/591, SHESC 494/591, SESE 494/591, Geography 494/591, FSE-SEBE 494/591 Credit Hours:  1 (one) Target:  Upper division undergraduates and graduate students Time:  Tuesdays, 4:30 – 5:30 Offerings (anticipated):  Fall 2011, Spring 2012 Enrollment Cap:  25 graduate students (no permission needed) plus 10 undergraduate students (instructor permission required) Required Text:  None Course Description:  This seminar course will emphasize the communication of ideas, theories, concepts, and products of research conducted on urban systems, with an emphasis on research in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  This interdisciplinary seminar will include students from a diversity of disciplines and fields, including urban ecology, biogeochemistry, hydrology, geomorphology, economics, geography, social dynamics, urban planning, and engineering.  Weekly classes will include: 1) open forums for students to discuss their research ideas, present recent data and findings, and discuss collaborative projects; 2) readings of relevant literature on urban systems, and; 3) research presentations by ASU faculty and research associates who are working on urban systems.  While this seminar course targets students conducting research with the Central Arizona-Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research Program (CAP LTER), enrollment will not be limited to these students.