Green offices are heating up at Arizona State

ASU officially has a “Green Office” Certification Program so going green in the office has never been easier!  We have ten proud locations to date that have reached their level one certifications and one blazing office that has already made it to level two! See below for information on how to get your office going with our fun, adaptable program and then check out the who’s who with our awesome Green Devils!

Click here for a full length article about the Green Office Program at ASU!

Certified Green Offices to date:

Career Preparation Center                                            Polytechnic      Level 1

Student Recreation Complec                                        Tempe               Level 1

Environmental Health and Safety Department     Tempe               Level 1

Education Outreach and Student Services             Tempe               Level 2

Cultural Engagement                                                      Tempe                Level 1

OKED Research Strategies                                            Tempe               Level 1

CFO Vice President's Office                                          Tempe                Level 1

Department of Animal Care and Technology       Tempe                Level 1

Employee Assistance Office                                        Tempe                 Level 1

OKED Research Facilities Group                               Tempe                 Level 1

Canon Inititatives Office                                               Tempe                Level 1

OKED Finance and Human Resources                     Tempe               Level 1

OKED ERS                                                                            Tempe               Level 1

Please join me in a much due congratulations to all of these departments for playing their part in the big impact ASU is making.