A Green Devil’s take on sustainability

Thanks to the story form located on ASU's sustainability website: http://sustainability.asu.edu/practice/what-you-can-do/sustainability-story-form.php  submitting your personal take on sustainability is easier than ever! You can share your experience with a particular program, event or University mission in general. Read on for a fellow Green Devil's take on sustainability here at ASU.

My story is simple. I try to help the planet by using, reusing and preserving. I am not the kind of person that attends a protest, stands for causes, or even have sustainability stickers all over their car. I don't have tattoos or t-shirts that say "save mother earth!" or ever talk about it. My thing is, "keep it simple." I buy used stuff. I love garage sales and thrifts stores where I usually find not only what i need it but great deals and even a treasure here and there. I hardly ever shop in retail stores (besides my perfume and food). Often I shop for others or invite friends to come along to save some money and have fun. I don't promote life styles or ideals. Everybody should take care of themselves and EVERYBODY ELSE - This is our life prerogative, and it’s totally a personal decision. I do not believe in buying more stuff that says what I should be doing or believing.  I just do it.  Again, life is getting shorter, I just keep it simple. Peace out.

By Mary Carmen

Campus: DowntownPhoenix

Program: Education Partnerships