Get ahead this summer and enhance your degree with sustainability

Take advantage of the reduced rates this summer and enhance your degree with sustainability. The School of Sustainability is now offering a variety of summer courses. Whether you are looking for an introductory, advanced, or online course, there are many to choose from.

Want to find out how so many people are using sustainability to improve lives, create jobs, and look after the environment? Then the introduction to sustainability course is your answer. Looking to beat the heat this summer while learning the key principles and concepts of sustainability? Then our online course that serves as the gateway to the Minor in Sustainability is just for you. Are you already enrolled in a Minor or Major in Sustainability? If so, there are many other courses available for you to get ahead this summer. Here's what we have to offer for Summer 2011.

SOS 100 - Introduction to Sustainability: Introduces basic concepts, global trends, and local responses, philosophical, ethical, and cultural dimensions.

SOS 110 - Sustainable World: Lays the groundwork for understanding the fundamental geological, biological, and social processes that gave rise to the world we live in and continue to maintain its viability for human life.

SOS 111 - Sustainable Cities: Introduces technological, social, and cultural principles and innovations for cities under the notion of sustainability and sustainable development within the global, regional, and local contexts.

SOS 300 - Advanced Concepts and Integrated Approaches in Sustainability: Integrates disciplinary contributions to sustainability, teaches advanced concepts in sustainability, and explores methods for identifying sustainability challenges and generating solutions. Focuses on diversity of sustainability research, and integrates specialized approaches in sustainability. Advanced concepts in sustainability, including systems-thinking, complexity, nonlinearity, cascading effects, coupled natural-human systems, governance, future thinking, unintended consequences, normative concerns, transformation, power, participation, and equity.

SOS 320 - Society and Sustainability: Establishes an understanding of the human, social, and cultural dimensions of sustainability from multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives and at a variety of spatial and temporal scales.

SOS 322 - International Development and Sustainability: Historical roots of the idea of development; economic theories of growth and their implications for sustainability; interrelationship among population growth, food security, poverty, inequality, urbanization, technological change, international trade, and environmental change at local, regional and global scale.

SOS 414 - Urban and Environmental Health: Integrates theory and practice of social sciences (including anthropology, demography, and human geography) to understand environmental contexts of health, particularly urban.

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