New videos showcase new tech incubator, global sustainability and Tempe economy

Councilmember Onnie Shekerjian hosts this month’s Tempe Community Focus, a video program that discusses the substantial issues being tackled by the Tempe City Council's seven committees.

Councilmember Shekerjian chairs the Technology, Economic and Community Development Council Committee. To showcase the progress being made by her committee, she guides viewers through videos about each area she represents. The show includes the following stories:

The Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University uses Tempe as a laboratory for world-changing research and education. Find out how this helps our city – and our planet.

A new technology incubator is about to open in Tempe. Discover how LaunchSpot could help create the next ‘Microsoft.’

Dr. Stephen Happel and City Manager Charlie Meyer discuss how the global and state economy could impact Tempe and how our city has prepared for success in the ever-changing world market.

“I am passionate about moving Tempe forward through this committee,” Councilmember Shekerjian said. “It’s important to me that people see our accomplishments, along with those things that we are working to resolve with their input.”

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For information on the many programs included in this video:

For information on the Technology, Economic and Community Development Council Committee Work Plan, Meetings and Agendas, visit or call 480-350-8824.