The SRC is expanding so you don’t have to

This past week the Tempe Student Recreation Complex (SRC) held a meeting to evaluate proposals for the projects that will be encompassed in the first phase of the much needed SRC expansion.  Many proposals were presented with lots of different and exciting aspects, but those that are selected will be the ones that fit the budget and time line for completion by the fall semester.  The proposals that were approved in the meeting will go to the SRC Expansion Facility Fee Board. The Board is made up of members from all the campuses, which are all in the process of building Recreation Centers. It is they who will make the final decision about the projects.

The  new Center for Student Sustainability Initiatives’s (CSSI) SRC Sustainability Advising Committee submitted proposals that were well-received to install dual-flush toilets to female restrooms, waterless urinals, and to retrofit the water fountains to chilled, filtered, bottle-friendly fountains which will help support the SRC’s reusable bottle campaign.  Assuming all details and budgeting work out, you should expect to see these projects completed in the fall.  Also some other possible sustainability initiatives are shade structures over the pool or pool patio and hydroponic planters that may be a component later on in the expansion.  Sustainability has been a main focus in the development of the plan for the SRC expansion and more initiatives will be part of the design and construction of the additional structure.

If you have thoughts or suggestions about sustainability at the SRC or want to learn how the SRC is being Green, go to:

Or submit thoughts or suggestions about the SRC’s expansion and the first phase proposals at:

If you are interested in being part of the meetings to discuss the SRC expansion, email Tamra Garstka at: [email protected].  You are very welcome to come and share your thoughts.

By Beth Magerman