Banners find second life in a bag

ASU and The Pack Shack are discovering ways to reuse old and tattered banners that would otherwise be sent to a landfill or a recycling center. We repurposed dozens of ASU vinyl banners this summer and what was produced were colorful, heavy duty, multipurpose bags. The many events and groups on all four campuses generate a vast number of vinyl banners each year.  Most have great designs and graphics, but unfortunately this material eventually goes to waste.  As a result, the university pursued the creative idea of repurposing these banners by turning them into one-of-a-kind ASU Banner Bags. We began collecting banners last year when we located a local designer to partner with.  We plan on holding biannual collection drives at the end of every semester, although used vinyl banners can also be sent to us throughout the year.  Use mail services and direct to mail code 5402, or bring to the 4th floor of GIOS. The used banners are taken to Eager, Arizona where the local designer has a small business, The Pack Shack, which sews heavy-duty firefighter accessories, like flame retardant backpacks and wallets.  The ASU banner bags are available in several styles; a purse, a grocery/tote bag, a messenger bag, and shoulder bag- all 100% unique and oozing with school spirit. Be sure to look for them in ASU’s Bookstore and become a fan on facebook! By Beth Magerman