The new kids on the block

No, I am not referring to the poppy dance group of yesteryear; I am of course referring to the newest addition of sustainability themed clubs at ASU. Arizona State Cycling Club (ASCC) formed in March of 2010.  They are a spunky, high spirited group and their numbers are growing fast.  The officers gained just enough momentum to organize one meeting and one social ride last spring.  They were hard at work over the summer planning a slew of bike themed meetings and fun rides for this fall. When asked what inspired him to found ASCC, School of Sustainability senior Tyler Viliborghi responded, “A few friends and I decided to spend an entire day exploring the town by bike and concluded with a picnic/feast in the park. It was such an amazing day that we decided we needed to share and protect these kinds of experiences by offering an outlet here at ASU.”

A vital bike culture is nothing new for ASU, or the Tempe scene.  Rambunctious cycling veterans, TBAG (Tempe Bicycle Action Group) have been tearing it up for years with their monthly theme rides such as “Bike in to the Drive in” or the ever popular “Mullet Ride.”  ASCC is extremely excited to be TBAG’s college link.  Members and participants can expect a fun, easy going time as they tone up their muscles while toning down their carbon footprint. Also, be sure to check in with ASU’s Bike Co-op for free tune-ups, tire fills and sweet deals on headlights and helmets.

They plan to sponsor a bike scholarship program which will outfit one lucky sun devil with a new bike to get around with. E-mail [email protected] if you are interested in entering the essay contest. Or- you can look them up on facebook and get all the latest and greatest that is ASCC!

By Jehnifer Niklas