Sustainability Consortium clarifies goals, Walmart relationship

Sustainability Consortium co-chairs Dr. Jay S. Golden of the School of Sustainability, Barrett Honors Faculty, at Arizona State University, and Dr. Jon Johnson of the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, were the guest speakers at a 90-minute Webcast, "Inside the Sustainability Consortium," presented by on Dec. 2. The Consortium is an independent group of scientists and engineers from leading academic research institutions around the world who engage with other leading researchers from the NGO, governmental and industrial sectors. The primary function is to develop the science to support the indexing of consumer products throughout all phases of the products life. The Consortium clarified its mission and strategies in the Webcast, while debunking the misconception that it is working on a Sustainable Product Index exclusively for Walmart. While the discount retailer was a founding partner of the Consortium, the Consortium's steering committee is made up of CPGs, NGOs, government agencies, and others interested in advocating for good business. "Walmart understands that multiple retailer engagement is necessary if this initiative is going to work," noted Dr. Johnson. This information, along with a comprehensive dialogue on the types of product data to be collected and shared around sustainability were the topics of the Webcast. Article source: Read Article »