Recycling do’s and don’ts

DO recycle all of the items listed in this link in your commingled bins: Please note that aerosol cans will most likely not be accepted  with the other commingled items in the near future – we are waiting on a final confirmation from ADEQ.

DO recycle toner cartridges, ASU-generated batteries, packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, cardboard, shredded paper, etc. For more info, visit:

DO break down and flatten all cardboard boxes before recycling them and remove all trash or other recyclables and place those items in the appropriate container.

DON’T put the following items in the commingled or cardboard bins: glass, pizza boxes, plastic wrap, plastic bags, Styrofoam, packaging peanuts, food, liquids, rubber bands, paper clips, or trash of any kind.

DON’T put hazardous waste in recycling or trash cans. When in doubt about what chemicals constitute hazardous waste, please contact Environmental Health and Safety

DON’T ask custodial staff to empty the larger 96 gallon and 40 gallon bins. As your building comes on board with the new program, custodial staff will start servicing your seven gallon desk side bins and 23 gallon bins. After the new program debut in your building, we will permanently pull your 40 gallon bins and 96 gallons (with the exception of a few areas that ASU Recycling will continue to service) when we are able to get to them.

Dawn Ratcliffe
ASU Tempe Campus Recycling Coordinator