Sustainability viewpoints

Many of you have heard me talk about how our strength is in all the people across the University helping to make our sustainability goals a reality.  We have three main goals – Carbon Neutrality, Zero Waste (water, solid waste), and Active Engagement.  Of those three – active engagement is the most important – we have 80,000 change agents in our small city called ASU – every one of us has a role to play. We have change agents who have already joined in, helping us to pave the way for future accomplishment. You will find them in the Purchasing, Facilities Management, ASU Dining Services, Parking and Transit, Student Affairs and in other “non-traditional areas” such as University Student Government, WP Carey School of Business, the School of Music and the Theater Department – the list goes on.

To better connect all of us – and as a way to champion our efforts and engage others – Sustainability in Action was created as an easy to use tool and resource designed especially for those within or closely tied to ASU’s purchasing and operations areas. I look forward to growing our reach and sharing impacts and ideas on our collective interest in furthering sustainability at ASU.

Bonny Bentzin
Manager, Sustainability Business Practices