Acceptable recyclables at the Downtown Phoenix campus

PAPER - Newspapers - Brown Paper Bags - Chipboard: cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc. – remove plastic liners - Corrugated Cardboard – remove plastic wrappers and flatten - Magazines and catalogs - Phonebooks - Printing and Writing paper - Paperback books - Junk Mail – envelope windows and labels are OK, remove other non-paper items - Other Paper – Pamphlets, brochures, file folders, card stock, etc. PLASTIC - Plastic (PETE) Bottles (narrow neck) – soda, water, etc., No trays or baskets - Plastic (HDPE) Bottles and jugs (narrow neck) – milk, water, juice, liquid detergents, shampoo, etc. No hazardous material containers* ALUMINUM - Aluminum Cans - Steel/Tin Cans – non-hazardous empty aerosol cans are OK. Please no other steel. - Milk Cartons and Drink Boxes *hazardous materials include pesticides, herbicides, automotive fluids, pool chemicals, etc. Cathie Fox Director, Facilities Management